& solo artistes - who's played wi' who ?

The idea is to include us all, rock-celtic-jazz-folk, whatever - big fish or minnows, from yon time to now.  Aye, of course you're right - it's impossible.....


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Fidycat An Arbroath Timeline saltire

A wee cabaret artiste wis aince telt by a Fife social club convener, 'Dae well the nicht son an' next time I'll pit yer name up at the door in three colours o' chalk'.

On 'Scotbands' ?  You can get yer name up in ane colour o' font - that's my best offer....

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Australia's  'Clockwork Strawberry'  (1969 - 1975)

-Brian Hardie (on right) previously with Glasgow's 'Viscounts' and 'Price'

EveryLilThing-CS live on Oz tv